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Displays Solution 12" x 8" x 16"h 1 shelf WITHOUT DOOR Acrylic Lucite Countertop Display ShowCase Cabinet

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12" x 8" x 16"h 1 shelf WITHOUT DOOR Acrylic Lucite Countertop Display ShowCase Cabinet
Part Number: DS-12" x 8" x 16"h 1 shelf WITHOUT DOOR
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Made in USA

The showcases is make with Clear Acrylic Material

This Items is without door.

12"w x 8"d x 16"h  space approximate between shelves 7 3/4" (1 shelve plus top and bottom)

Give customers a great view of your product without sacrificing customer hygiene & cleanliness with this fantastic Acrylic Display.

This sturdy and attractive counter top display cabinet that will complement any bakery, cafe, convenience store, kiosk, bar counter or market stall.

Let your customers get a great view of your product while maintaining a sanitary environment.

Useful for, but not limited to displaying, Cup Cakes, Muffins, Cakes, Donuts, Pastries, Slices, Cookies, Packs of Chips, Chocolate Bars & any other packaged non refrigerated food.

No matter what the product, customers won?t be able to resist the contents of this attractive and convenient acrylic display.This Acrylic tower counter showcase you can use for show multiple products like cupcake, Jewelry, donuts, any pastry, etc.

*Although rare, tiny hairline cracks, and air bubbles or pockets may occur during the fabrication process at joints. Due to the clear nature of the material, these are beyond control and are not considered defects.

*Protect your clear cube and maintain its surface gloss by occasional polishing with a good plastic cleaner and polish. Apply a thin, even coat with a soft clean cloth and polish slightly with cotton flannel. Then wipe with a damp cloth to help eliminate electrostatic charges that can attract dust particles.

*To clean acrylic and plexiglass that has slight blemishes or dirt, start off by clearing away any debris. Then, use a premium micro-fiber cloth with soapy water to clean the entire surface area. After wetting the cloth, be sure to lightly blot the surface, rather than applying pressure as you wipe

*DO NOT USE: Window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds or solvents such as acetone, gasoline, benzene, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, or lacquer thinner.These can scratch the sheet?s surface and/or weaken the sheet causing small surface cracks called ?crazing.? Do not apply any solvents (i.e. rubbing alcohol to your clear cube) as it can lead to cracking)

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