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Displays Solution 8 Pull Out drawers Clear Cube Acrylic Organizer

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Clear Cube Acrylic Organizer 8 pull out drawers, All dividers are REMOVABLE (included 6 divider), Bottom drawer is bigger 3 3/4 HIGH, 3/8" clear acrylic/Lucite material sides. (HEAVY DUTY)
Part Number: DS-8 Pull Out drawers Clear Cube
Availability: In Stock.
Displays Dimension This display is 8 pull out drawers Display dimension: 12" x 12" x 23" *All dividers are REMOVABLE (included 6 divider) 
*Bottom drawer is bigger 3 3/4 HIGH this way fit big nail polish like OPI or any other big products.
*The others Drawers dimension: 11"w x 11"d x 2 1/2"h ID *3/8" clear acrylic/Lucite material sides. (HEAVY DUTY) 
*3/16" clear acrylic/Lucite base and top. *NICE clear acrylic handle.
*Note: when you order the display with drawer is only pull out drawers.
*Note: when you order the display with lid is pull out drawers plus one more compartments with lid.
*Note: The X dividers is only for the lid compartment don't fit in the drawers.
 Why buy here in this online store or from this seller? 
*Because the quality and the material used is heavy duty.
*Because the price is too low for the quality. 
*Because they have many styles and sizes, I can choice. 
*Because I can order it with many dividers, with lid, without lid, x dividers, etc. 
*Because it is HEAVY DUTY and I can use for my home or business. 
*Because they always have in stock.
*Because it packed with double carton box plus many bubble to protect at no extra cost. 
*Because I want to protect my investment. I feel protected with this seller 
*Because they have video of the product.
*Because they have a lot of time in business. 
*Because they process and ship fast. 
*Because they have excellent customer service.
*Because a friend recommended it to me. *Because I found what I was looking for. 
*Because I saw how many are sold.
 *Because I check the feedback left by other buyers.
 *Because I search on google and saw that they are in many online stores and have their own website.

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